EKG Labs Outreach

EKG Labs Goes Back to School

Over the past couple years, EKG Labs has been excited about new opportunities for community outreach. In particular, EKG has been traveling to elementary schools across St. Louis, both private and public, to bring chemistry to the classroom. Some of these events have been focused on leading a small classroom of kids through a series of themed hands-on demos. For example, one of our analysts has led several classrooms in an exploration of acids and bases, learning about everything from household chemicals to basic titration skills.

EKG Labs Outreach

We’ve also teamed up with Learning for Life through the Boy Scouts of America, bringing career days to inner-city elementary schools. Hundreds of kids visit our table over the course of a couple hours (it’s pretty wild!), many of whom have never thought about chemistry as a possible field of study much less as a career. It’s always exciting when we hear a kid say “I want to be a chemist like you when I grow up!”. Wherever we go and whatever we end up doing, we always have a great time.

Having a presence in our community and promoting STEM fields, especially in under-funded schools, is a passion of ours. Many children do not have the opportunity for hands-on chemistry experiences until high school. We want to foster the next generation of chemists and get them excited about learning at an early age. Additionally, as a woman-owned business enterprise (WBE), EKG Labs looks especially to promote an entrepreneurial spirit among young girls.

If you would be interested in having EKG Labs visit your classroom or attend your career day, please send us an email and let us know who you are. We look forward to volunteering and building connections all over St. Louis.

About EKG Labs

EKG Labs is an analytical service provider for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our analytical services support product development, regulatory filings, and analytical chemistry investigations.

Some of our services include:

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