EKG Labs Gives Thanks

EKG Labs Gives Thanks

Returning from Thanksgiving break and turkey feasts, EKG Labs has been reflecting on the many things we are thankful for in 2018.

  • Building up our family of scientists by expanding the number of analysts working in our lab
  • Installing a brand new UHPLC with a Time-of-Flight MS in our lab (you can read more about how exciting this is here)
  • Making use of our access to diverse instrumentation at local world-renown universities
  • Extending our partnerships with long-term clients
  • Meeting new clients and building on those relationships
  • Welcoming into the world the new little ones (future chemists? ☺) of two of our analysts
  • Attending and speaking at a number of pharmaceutical and medical device conferences across the United States (including presenting at AAPS last month)
  • Continuing our friendship with Learning for Life and bringing chemistry to inner-city elementary schools in St. Louis
  • Finding innovative solutions to problems that had clients at their wit’s end (you can read some of our fascinating case studies)

It’s been a busy year for EKG. We’ve been stretching and growing, taking on bigger and bigger projects and challenging ourselves in new ways. But through all the craziness that is a natural part of working in the ever-changing fields of pharmaceutical and medical device development, we are proud to always maintain our commitment to quality, integrity, and working closely in relationship with our clients.

Most of all, we are thankful for you!

EKG Labs Gives Thanks

About EKG Labs

EKG Labs is an analytical service provider for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our analytical services support product development, regulatory filings, and analytical chemistry investigations.

Some of our services include:

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