Deformulation Services

  • What is Deformulation?

    Deformulation, also called reverse engineering, is the process of identifying and/or quantifying one or more unknown chemical components of a formula. This process is performed for a variety of reasons. Often, clients may wish to gain greater understanding of a competitor’s product or to discover if a competitor is inappropriately using a patented material or process. Deformulation is also useful in determining if an upstream vendor has a contaminant in their formula or if an unannounced formula change is affecting downstream product performance.

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Deformulation at EKG Labs

EKG Labs provides deformulation services for a variety of pharmaceutical products. Our strength in analytical chemistry enables us to characterize and identify unknown materials in a formulation and supply you with a likely composition. We can carry out root cause investigations, and we can support patent infringement cases as an expert witness.

Deformulation Analytical Techniques at EKG Labs
  • Chromatography – HPLC, LC/MS, GC/MS, GC/FID, GC/TCD, GPC/SEC
  • Spectroscopy – ICP-MS, NMR, MS, PXRD, TF-XRD, UV-Vis, FTIR, Raman
  • Microscopy – SEM, TEM, AFM, STM, LSCM
  • Other- TGA, DSC, TOC, BET Surface Area/Pore Size Analyzer