Core Values

EKG Labs is dedicated to providing innovative analytical solutions to its partners in the pharmaceutical and medical device development communities through trusted relationships built on quality, knowledge, and integrity. Our company was built on eight fundamental core values, and we are committed to and passionate about retaining those values.
EKG Core Values


EKG Labs is more than just a lab that meets regulatory requirements, we take quality a step further. Although we understand that timeliness is critical, we never sacrifice quality for time. We strive to provide each client with a 100% defensible quality packet; understanding that anything less eventually costs our clients more time and money.


Integrity is two-fold, data and ethical integrity. EKG Labs’ data integrity is ensured by beginning with a solid understanding of the problem, full documentation of all activities performed, and 100% review of all data generated. Our ethical integrity is demonstrated in how we interact with our colleagues, clients and the community, each and every day.


EKG Labs believes that a program can only be successful through partnerships with our client. Instead of working from a task list, we embed ourselves in understanding the client’s needs, regulatory requirements and product stage, treating each project as if it was our own. This project ownership separates us from other analytical service providers.


Our clients trust us with their most critical asset: their developing product. At EKG Labs, we realize that the product is the client’s lifeline and trust with it should be earned. We make every decision with this in mind and never take this value for granted.


EKG Labs is more than a contract analytical laboratory, we are a solutions provider. We take the time to understand each project, the development stage, and any challenges the client may be facing.


With over 80 years of combined experience working on pharmaceutical and medical device products, the team at EKG Labs provides our clients with peace of mind that the project will get done right, the first time.


At EKG Labs, our clients are the priority. We believe that emails should not sit in inboxes nor voicemails go unanswered; we strive to provide a response within one business day or less.


The standard at EKG Labs is to think outside of the box. We differentiate ourselves by utilizing all of our tools to get answers in the most direct and efficient manner as possible.