About Us

  • EKG Life Science Solutions, LLC (EKG Labs) is an analytical service provider supporting the development of drug-device combination products, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. Our services support research, development, and regulatory submission activities. EKG’s staff has decades of experience working with medical device and pharmaceutical companies to develop their products.

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Excellence in Supporting Drug-Device Combination Product Development

At EKG Labs, we are building an organization which focuses on the unique needs of companies seeking to develop products with both medical device and pharmaceutical attributes. Each drug-device combination product requires a unique approach. We develop a customized plan for each of our clients which enables them to navigate their unique analytical and regulatory hurdles more efficiently.

Analytical Solutions for Medical Devices and Materials

While our forte may be drug-device combination products, this requires us to have an in-depth knowledge of the devices themselves. This knowledge includes a thorough understanding of the raw materials that make up those devices, how these raw materials interact with each other, and what other materials or chemicals they may come in contact with while being manufactured.

Pharmaceutical Product Testing and Know-How

Being an expert in drug-device combination products requires us to have a superior understanding of pharmaceutical development. Our strong foundation in numerous analytical techniques, our adherence to cGMP/GLP regulations, and years of practical experience gives us the tools to help you achieve your development goals.

Services and Expertise

EKG Labs leverages its wealth of medical device and pharmaceutical knowledge to provide a variety of research and development services including: