• EKG Labs is an analytical laboratory that supports medical device and pharmaceutical companies seeking to fast track their product development. We excel at providing analytical and regulatory services which enable our clients to fulfill complex regulatory requirements and bring their product to market faster.
  • EKG Labs

Our Focus Includes

  • Medical Device

    Medical Device Products

    When it comes to characterizing medical device materials, we are second to none. EKG Labs has worked with diverse device materials including polymers, metals, ceramics and composites. We have experience with cutting edge drug delivery technologies in disciplines such as ophthalmology, cardiology and wound healing.
  • Drug-Device Combination

    Device Combination Products

    Understanding the complex interactions between a pharmaceutical and a medical device is critical to ensuring patient safety. At EKG Labs, we are leading the way in fields such as extractables and leachables, biocompatibility and specialty combination medical devices.
  • Pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical Products

    EKG Labs supports a variety of pharmaceutical development activities including method development, validation, stability and characterization studies. We can perform investigational and research studies, or conduct your project under applicable cGMP and GLP regulatory conditions.